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Pain Management – Chiropractic Care – Medical Weight Loss – Physical Therapy 

Superior Healthcare has been serving the residents of Canton GA for nearly two decades. Our goal is to help our patients live happier and healthier lives by helping them lose weight, get back in shape, and by treating and alleviating both acute and chronic pain. Our team of medical professionals combine a variety of effective medical weight loss and pain management methods to relieve your pain and get you back to a happy, healthy and pain free life. Our methods include both cutting edge therapies as well as time-tested treatments including:


The team at Superior Healthcare consists of doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, sports injury specialists and physical therapists who can not only help you reduce and eliminate your pain, but also keep you pain free longer*.

Superior Healthcare chiropractic and pain management doctorsWe specialize in the treatment of acute as well as chronic pain and injuries. We use a variety of scientifically-proven approaches to treat the whole person and bring them back to a state of health, wellness and vitality. Our patients enjoy services including chiropractic care, physical therapy, conventional medicine, medical weight loss support and the latest cutting-edge medical technologies to help them return to a healthy, happy and pain free quality of life*.

At Superior Healthcare, our approach begins with a thorough diagnosis process to determine the root causes and any underlying conditions for your current condition. Then we develop a comprehensive treatment plan that may include elements from different therapies that give you the best chance at repairing those problems. We start with some physical history questions and a thorough physical exam. We might order x-rays or other diagnostic tests to help determine the exact nature and severity of your problem. We need to know about the structure of your body, and about any damage or misalignment of your spinal column that might be impacting your nervous system, muscles or other organs.

“A totally awesome experience! The program is not like any I have experienced before. The Joint effort of the entire staff, from the front desk to the doctors, nurses and therapists was what made my experience successful. Everyone really cares that you are improving and getting well. The weight loss program has worked! 30 pounds and my confidence an energy are back! Extraordinary facility with extraordinary staff! Thank you all SHC!”
– Valerie W, Canton, GA

The medical team works with you to determine the best course of treatment for your unique condition. We understand you are more than just your back pain or your migraines so it is important that we address the “whole” you for long-lasting health and wellness.

If you live in or near Canton, GA and you are experiencing any kind of pain, call Superior Healthcare today.

Whether you’re suffering from knee pain, pain in your arm, shoulder, tennis elbow or in the wrist from carpal tunnel syndrome; or perhaps lower back pain, maybe from a herniated or bulging disc; or maybe you have headaches, tension or migraine, leg or ankle pain; it doesn’t matter where it hurts or why it hurts, we can help. We also specialize in treating injuries from car accidents and those from work related accidents as well.

“Went in with neck issues and sciatica pain…they explained everything in detail…very thorough and easy to understand. I knew from Day 1 what the program was and they explained all the treatments and cost up front before starting care. It’s like a one stop shop for my issues! Loved the doctors and the people.”*  
– T.R., Canton, GA
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( *Results may very from person to person)