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Chiropractic Care Benefits Atlanta, GA

Benefits of chiropractic’s drug-free approach to pain relief.

Did you know that back pain problems are the most common neurological ailments in the United States next to headaches? It is time to adjust how you think about your health and join the millions of Americans who have gotten relief from back pain. When you do, you will also be on a path to wellness with chiropractic’s drug-free approach to pain relief.


Human skeletonThe spinal column is made up of 24 vertebrae. These vertebrae are what allow the body to move, twist, or bend through every moment of a busy day.  The spinal column encases and protects the central nervous system which coordinates and controls the muscles, tissues and organs of the body. This is why chiropractors believe that the first step to getting an active, healthy lifestyle is by having a fully- functional spine.

Sometimes there are two or more vertebrae that do not function together properly. These are called subluxations or misalignments. These subluxations are dysfunctions in the joints that cause  people to experience pain, discomfort, or decreased mobility.  These joint dysfunctions usually go unnoticed but they can eventually cause miscommunications between your brain and your body.

What is worse is that joint dysfunctions that start in the spine can eventually also lead to symptoms in other parts of the body or in other joints. Most any symptom is the body’s way of letting a person know that something is wrong. But, by the time symptoms appear with pain, the underlying problems may be chronic. Sometimes symptoms do not come with pain but by the time they are detected, the problem has gone on for years.

There is good news in all of this. You can prevent symptoms and chronic spinal pain conditions by getting on a chiropractic care routine. The benefits of a routine might include:

  • Improving the Nerve Communication throughout the Body
  • Improving Motion and Coordination
  • Improving the Body’s Function or Physical Performance
  • Improving Posture
  • Greater Relief from Back or Neck Pain
  • Greater Relief from Leg, Knee, and Ankle or Foot Pain
  • Pain Relief from Arms, Wrists, and Shoulders
  • Relief from Stress or Tension Disorders
  • Eliminating Joint Discomfort
  • Relieving Pain from Bursitis
  • Relieving Arthritis Pain
  • Relief from Chronic Pain Caused by Injuries

Anyone of any age from children to senior citizens can benefit from regular chiropractic visits. We offer plenty of convenient locations, hours and affordable wellness plans. You can even visit us without an appointment.

Our licensed chiropractors help promote wellness by improving spinal and joint functions. This results in a healthier, active lifestyle. Visit us and see that getting chiropractic care for the whole family is easy.