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How Do You Sleep? Your Position Could Affect Your Health

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Your Sleeping Position could be the Reason Why You’re Sleeping Uncomfortably

It is important to get enough sleep each night, both for your health and your mental clarity. There are several things that affect the type and amount of sleep that you get, including your pillow, your mattress and the temperature of the room that you are in.

Did you know, though, that how you sleep also makes a difference? Depending on whether you sleep on your stomach, your back or your side, your sleep could be affected in either positive or negative ways.

Studies indicate that some sleep positions are better than others. If you are a stomach or a side sleeper, you may be dismayed to learn that laying flat on your back is actually the best way to sleep. Experts advise that that stretching out this way, without a pillow, helps your neck, shoulders and spine stay in a relaxed position. If you cannot imagine getting rid of your pillow, look for something known as a one plump pillow. This should not cause damage to your body if you use it.

If sleeping on your back is not an option, you should move over to your side. This helps ensure that your spine stays stretched out and keeps your shoulders and neck from getting strained.

However, it is best not to sleep this way with your arm beneath your head, as that could cause issues for your neck. To ensure that you are sleeping with the least amount of strain on your body as possible, pick up and use a one plump pillow.

Also, avoid going to sleep in the fetal position, which involves pulling your knees up to your chest. Many people who do so have issues with their back and their neck. While you may be technically on your side, this is not considered side sleeping because you cannot move naturally in your sleep.

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Sleeping on your stomach is not a good idea. This is because your spine and neck cannot remain in a neutral position while you rest.

In addition, there is pressure on your organs and the soft tissue and joints in your back are affected as well.

If you have been sleeping in the same position for a long time, it might be difficult to change your habits. Consider investing in a body pillow, which will help you get a better night’s sleep.

If you are on your side, arrange the pillow so that a portion of it is between your knees. If you sleep on your stomach, make sure the pillow goes under your hips to relieve your back. And, if you sleep on your back, you can pick up a smaller pillow and put it under the small of your back.