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Slimming has never been easier! Lipo-Light, the latest body contouring technology helps the body naturally release fat resulting in a trimmer, sleeker appearance.

The process is similar to what happens when we exercise. As we begin to burn fat, the fat cells explode discharging glycerol, water, and free fatty acids. This results in smaller fat cells as you begin to lose weight.

Lipo-Light technology stimulates the body to do the same thing by using a LED light. As the LED light is applied to an area, its unique wavelength of 635nm stimulates the body’s fat cells. The fat cells then release fatty acids and other products that the body then easily metabolizes.

The process compares to what happens when we are exercising intensely and enter the fat-burning stage.

This technology also increases the amount of collagen and elastin our skin. This helps firm and tone the skin creating a slimmer appearance.

Lipo-Light technology is non-invasive and pain-free. It shapes and tones the targeted areas of the body and is effective on hips, waist, upper arms, and thighs.

Whether you want to lose a few inches of fat or lose a few pounds, Superior Healthcare will guide you in your journey to reach your weight loss goals.

About The Process

The first step when you are preparing for a Lipo-Light session is to get measured.

Measurements are taken of any areas to be treated. They then serve as a baseline to measure the results of the treatment.

It is important to follow all instructions. If you do so, you will experience results in more than just the targeted areas.

Remember, the measurements may not be completely accurate. They can be influenced by factors such as menstrual cycle, bloating, or anything else that may temporarily alter your weight or size.

One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of the treatment is how your clothes are fitting. Select one pair of pants to wear when you get measured and then use these pants to gauge the effectiveness of the Lipo-Light treatment.

When you arrive for your first session, let the technician know if you don’t want to be measured. You will be measured several times during your treatment. We usually measure you during your first, second, third, sixth and ninth sessions. Again, if you don’t want to be measured, just let us know.

How The Process Works

The technician will use a LED laser which gently stimulates the fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. The procedure is painless and is an outpatient procedure.

When the fat cells are stimulated, they release energy and matter through pores located on the exterior of the fat cell. Once the cell’s contents are released, the fat cell shrinks. The released contents are either metabolized or excreted by the body.

The purpose of the Lipo-Light treatment is to open those fat cells. Once we open the fat cells and they release their matter, you must work to stimulate your body to metabolize or flush out the released matter. You do this through exercise and drinking lots of water.

If the released cell matter isn’t eliminated either through exercise or hydration, it will return to the fat cells.

This Lipo-Light treatment stimulates a completely natural process in your body. Your body already releases fat and other matter from its cells when you exercise. Lipo-Light technology just accelerates this process and stimulates even the most stubborn fat cells to release their contents and shrink.

One word of warning. Before beginning a Lipo-Light treatment, please tell your technician if you have any tattoos. The LED light can overheat any tattoos directly under the light and you could burn.


“This is a great place for reaching weight-loss goals! I lost 22 lbs in 30 days doing their HCG diet program and it was so easy that it felt like I was cheating. In addition, I’ve just started their personal training and bootcamp and now I feel like I can keep off the weight for the long haul. What I feel worked the best was the personal coaching they offered. I never felt like I was on my own and that’s why I feel it worked so well for me.”*
– Bret, Woodstock, GA


Top Canton Weight Loss Experts

The Canton weight loss programs at Superior Healthcare include a comprehensive evaluation and a personalized program based on your specific needs to help you reach your desired weight.

How To Achieve The Best Results From Lipo-Light Treatment Weight loss program woodstock & canton GA

To experience maximum results from a Lipo-Light treatment, you must continue to exercise. Exercising helps pump out the cell matter and flush all toxins.

Don’t continue with the same old exercise routine. Try something new. This helps you stay engaged so you will continue to exercise.

Even if you don’t normally exercise, you must be active both the day of and the day after your Lipo-Light treatment. We have cardio equipment you are welcome to use.

It is very important that you exercise during the 48-hour window following your treatment. This is when the fat cells are open and releasing matter which can be metabolized or excreted.

We also offer personal trainers who will help you develop an exercise routine that you can do in your own gym. If you don’t have a gym membership, we can help. Just let our technician know and she will set you up with one of our personal trainers. They will help you get started and work with you as you exercise.


Eating And A Healthy Diet 

For two hours before and after your treatment, please refrain from eating. This helps prepare your body for the treatment and allows the fat content released during the Lipo-Light treatment to be metabolized.

Following the treatment, you must continue to eat a healthy diet. If you resort back to eating sugars, carbs, fried foods, and other bad eating habits, you’ll gain back the fat that was lost through the treatment.

If you have trouble eating healthy, try keeping a good journal. For three straight days, write down every single thing that you put in your mouth.

If you provide this journal to one of our technicians, they will be happy to set you up with a nutritionist to help you stick with a healthy eating plan.

Stay Hydrated

As a minimum, you should be drinking water. Make it your goal to consume in ounces about half of what you weigh.

Do this every day. This must be water. No other types of drinks count. To keep it interesting, add cucumbers, lemon juice, or fresh berries to your water. This will help improve the taste, too.

You must stay well-hydrated so the body will continue to flush out the toxins and other matter released from your fat cells.


What Results To Expect From The Lipo-Light Treatment

Typically, you can expect to lose between 1 and 1 1/2 inches in a targeted area after three sessions. Of course, these results depend on you following all directions, including exercising and hydrating. Results will vary from patient to patient.

Lipo-Light is safe, pain-free procedure. It naturally stimulates the body to expel fat matter and shrink fat cells.

There is no instant gratification, however since you must work to help flush out the toxins and fat matter.

If you continue to exercise and stay well-hydrated, you can expect to lose three or more inches after six to nine treatments. These are the typical results.

If you would like faster results, check with our technicians about purchasing more treatments. Follow all directions for the best possible results.

In addition to Lipo-Light treatments, we also offer weight loss packages. These are recommended if you have 20 or more pounds to lose.

Our clients lose an average of one pound per day with our weight loss packages. The plan consists of diet, detox, and exercise. We also use appetite suppressants and HCG to help stimulate weight loss.

If you are interested in one of our weight loss packages, please ask your technician to make you an appointment for a free consultation.


“A totally awesome experience! The program is not like any I have experienced before. The Joint effort of the entire staff, from the front desk to the doctors, nurses and therapists was what made my experience successful. Everyone really cares that you are improving and getting well. The weight loss program has worked! 30 pounds and my confidence an energy are back! Extraordinary facility with extraordinary staff! Thank you all SHC!”
– Valerie W, Canton, GA

Your Customized Weight Loss Plan

We know weight loss isn’t just about how you look; but also how you feel, how you eat, and most importantly how you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

To ensure the most effective program is selected, everyone must be evaluated by our medical provider before starting one of our weight loss programs. Our medical staff, after reviewing your history and personal circumstance will determine which program you will enter.

The team at Superior Healthcare can help you realize your potential and reach your goals.  We will be by your side every pound – or inch – of the way!

Call us right now for a FREE weight loss consultation and get started on your medical weight loss journey today!

(* Results may vary from person to person)