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3 Chiropractor’s Secrets To A Good Night’s Sleep

Canton Georgia Chiropractor Reveals Tips On How To Sleep Well

Getting a Good Night’s Rest: How to Achieve Proper Sleep

Ask our Chiropractors about the correct sleeping position.  Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to having a good day! There are many factors that play into the quality of your sleep; for example, both your mattress and the temperature of your room need to be just right.

Time correcting sleep posture with Canton Chiropractors

And, how about the position your body is in?

Will it matter if you drift off on your stomach, or your side, or your back?

Sleep Study Reveals Factors That Effect Your Sleep Patterns

Studies show that some sleep positions are better than others when it comes to your spine.

The professionals at Superior Healthcare agree. How do you sleep? Chances are, you like to be either on your stomach or your side.

However, laying on your back is actually the best way to go. In fact, if you really want to do it right, you should avoid using a pillow at all and just lay flat. This lets your spine, neck, head, and shoulders all stay in the best possible sleep position.

You may not like the idea of sleeping without a pillow. If that is the case, opt for a “one plump” pillow instead. This helps to keep your spine neutral and will give your neck a little support as well.

If you can’t sleep on your back, go for your side. This allows your spine to stretch out and keeps your neck and shoulders from being stressed. You do not want to put your arm under your head. As stated before, opt for a one plump pillow in this situation as well.

Do not sleep in the fetal position. This is when you tuck your chin down and bring your knees up to your chest. Many people that do this have trouble with their back and neck.

The position keeps you from your normal nighttime movements, which may irritate different parts of your body.chiropractors suggest proper posture for sleeping

Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach. When you fall asleep this way, your spine and neck cannot stay in a neutral position. The soft tissue and joints in your back have pressure placed on them and your organs are not in the optimal position either.

It can be hard to change the way you sleep. Try using a body pillow if this is the case. It will help you fall asleep better on both your side and stomach. You can also use a smaller pillow if you fall asleep on your back. Talk to us if you would like to know more.

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