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Chiropractic For Pain Management

The use of chiropractic care can help manage pain in a number of ways. Chiropractic treatment typically involves manipulation, or adjustment, of the spine and other joints to reduce swelling and inflammation of the muscles and tissues around a specific area, and to re-align the vertebrae and joints so that they are no longer directly impacting the nerves which are typically the source of pain.

These chiropractic adjustments will restore proper mobility and placement of the joints and vertebrae which will reduce the pain and muscle tightness in the area and allow the surrounding tissues to begin to naturally heal.

Low Back Pain

The number one pain issue in disability situations is low back pain. Most low back pain that is chronic, is ongoing, and is often the result of a sudden injury that causes a pulled muscle, or displaced vertebrae. Most general practitioners do not have the training to treat such a situation, except by giving pain medication and recommending surgery in many cases.

A skilled chiropractor has been trained in this area, and can adjust the region so that the pain is alleviated. A simple adjustment of the spinal vertebrae will re-align the position of the spine, thus taking pressure off of the adjoining ligaments and muscles, which are usually the culprits causing the pain. Once everything is re-aligned, then the body takes over with its natural healing process.

When the spine is put out of alignment by a sudden blow or strain from lifting, it doesn’t always “pop” back into place very readily, and that is where the chiropractor comes in. He or she has been through special training in specific areas all up and down the spine, and they are experts at gently nudging the vertebrae back into place, thus relieving the pain.

Treating Chronic Headaches

Another common cause of pain are chronic headaches that people have. It is believed that there can be over 300 causes of headaches, but there are really only a handful of causes for most headaches.

The most common causes of headaches have to do with the neck and upper back muscle spasms, post traumatic neck injury, such as whiplash, drug-related issues (including prescriptions), migraine headaches, and cluster headaches.

Chiropractic is very successful in the treatment of most headaches because most of them result from a muscular, spinal, or a habitual situation, such as posture. The chiropractor has been taught to recognize the cause and successfully treat the area that is causing the issue.

The nerves are the agents that carry pain from an afflicted or inflamed area to the brain, which is how we realize that we are having pain. If muscles impact a nerve by being inflamed, pulled, torn, or pushing too hard on a nerve, the chiropractor can adjust the area and relieve the pain.

When a nerve is in this condition, whether by a muscle, or a vertebrae in the spine, it is said to be “subluxated.” The chiropractor can detect that there is an issue by swelling, a muscle that is a little out of its area, or a dislodged vertebrae. A simple adjustment of the area is usually all that is needed to bring things back to normal.

Sometimes gentle massage in the area can get some circulation going, or even the use of ultrasound can loosen things up a bit. This procedure can make it easier for an adjustment to be performed.

Chiropractors are experts at identifying and relieving areas of pain, effortlessly, continually, and safely.

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