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Pains in the Neck? Get Thee to a Canton Chiropractor.

One very common complaint the chiropractic community has been called upon time and time again to relieve is the problem of chronic neck pain. There can be many reasons for these and it is important to be aware of how you can protect yourself from this uncomfortable malady.

Chiropractors Relieve Strains and Pains

Two of the most common causes of neck pains care related to the posture as in the case of “scholars neck”, another term for forward head carriage. The second cause is related to strain placed on the neck for extended periods of time.

The two causes are actually related to the weight of the head, a average human head weighs approximately 15 lbs. If held in an awkward position for any extended period of time the weight of the head will begin to fatigue the muscles causing them to ache.

This is quite similar to holding a baby in your arms. Even a 15lbs. baby will begin to make your arms ache and you will eventually shift him the weight from arm to arm or even over the shoulder due to the increasing strain on our upper body.

In the same way, when working at a computer, conversing with people (especially if they are not right before you), studying etc. it is a good idea to shift the weight of your head around so as to prevent the strain on one set of muscles.

Traumas and Injuries Can Be Treated By Chiropractors

Another common form of neck pain is a result of traumas sustained in an auto accident or a sports related injury. Neck trauma must be examined on a case to case basis as there are so many variables involved. Necks and the heads they are attached to come in all sizes from the thin and petite type that seem very prone to injury to the NFL style necks that seem impervious to strain.

A chiropractor may first inquire as to the nature of the trauma. The “mechanism of injury” will reveal which are the tissues that have been damaged. If you were involved in a car accident and the impact occurred on a specific side of the car, neck injuries will be formed uniquely and therefore treated accordingly.
Damaged Disks

Another common cause of neck pain could be the presence of a damaged disk, commonly referred to as a slipped or herniated disk. A herniated disk is like a misshapen coin in a stack of regular coin. The misshapen bulge can pinch against a specific nerve that also travels down the arm.

Herniated disks carry with them symptoms like burning pains followed by an icy numbness, weakness and tingling of the appendage or combinations of all. Someone suffering from a herniated disk will often be very specific about the pain he or she is experiencing.

Age Related Aches

The natural process of “wearing out” disks, muscles and joints is another cause of neck pain. There has been controversy over the term “osteoarthritis” which is commonly blamed for the sore necks. The effects of osteoarthritis (OA) take many years to develop and even though one may have significant proof of OA they may not experience any neck trouble. Someone with virtually no OA, accompanied with X-ray evidence, may be in excruciating pain.

The Canton Georgia’s Chiropractor’s Response

It is of the utmost importance for those skilled in the chiropractor’s science of healing to conduct a thorough examination of a patient’s history. Discovering where the location or positions of increased pain and comparing them to places of pain relief is an important tool of successfully treating neck pains.

This will help the chiropractor to decide which course of treatment would be most appropriate for a specific situation. One patient may respond very well to traction/stretching type of adjustment while another would benefit more from exercises and physical therapy.

It is with great pride that those of us of the chiropractor community consistently score higher satisfaction levels than those of any other medical profession. We look forward to providing you with the service you and your family need to live pain free. Contact Us Today for an appointment.

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