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Prepare To Beat The Winter Blues

Fight The Flu This Winter With A Healthy Diet

It’s that time of year – the days are getting a little shorter, there is a nice crispness to the air, Canton, Georgia’s leaves are changing into a beautiful array of golden and redish hues. But it’s not just the climate that’s changing, your body is instinctively preparing itself for the winter months ahead.
If you take the time to winterize your home, shouldn’t you take the time to winterize your health? Here are a few ways that you can prepare your body for the cold months ahead and reach spring feeling just as spirited as you did this summer.

Healthy Diet

Cookies, brownies, puddings, and pies!­ – Most people put on weight during the winter months and on average, we gain around an extra pound. It doesn’t sound like much but if you don’t work to keep it off, it will add up over the years.

Winter is also the time when we are more likely to catch colds and the flu so a healthy diet is particularly important. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables like red peppers, carrots, pumpkin and mango are rich in antioxidants, which can boost the immune system. Want some comfort food? Try warmed pears or apples poached with spices with low-fat natural yogurt.
Warm up to the idea of winter exercise – Probably the biggest factor stopping people exercising in the cold is simply their mindset. When it’s cold outside, muscles seem to tighten and old injuries are exaggerated, but really these are just a minor annoyance.

Exercise To Fight Off A Winter Cold

Our bodies do require more attention during the fall and winter months. So to keep up with your workout routine, simply perform a gentle, low-impact version of whatever activity you are about to do. This will enable your blood to flow smoothly, and get your muscles prepared, without any unnecessary strain. More importantly, it will help prepare your mind.

Water Is Key For Hydration Even In The Winter

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you require less water – It is easier to forget hydration during the cold winter months. Our bodies don’t sweat as easily and we naturally reach for cocoa, tea, or coffee to warm our cold bones. But these are not adequate sources of hydration.

Your immune system can’t function without adequate hydration. It may take a little extra attention, but the benefits will far outweigh the costs!
Make sure you have the proper wardrobe – Although this is a no brainer for most of us, it is always good to have a reminder. Protecting your body against the cold is as simple as having the proper winter gear. Do your favorite gloves have a few holes in them?

Are you sure last year’s winter boots can make it through another season? Invest in yourself and make sure you are properly prepared with every layer before it gets cold enough to really need them.

The best offense is always a good defense. Defend yourself against the coming cold by taking some time to prepare your body and mind, now. The decisions you make today towards your health will pay off tomorrow.

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