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Pain Management Options In Canton, GA

What Are The Options Available For Pain Management

Feeling pain is a condition that can be quite debilitating, there are however ways to control pain right here in Canton, Georgia. Here are a few ways in which you can manage pain.

Regardless of whether the pain you feel is due to an old injury, arthritis, fibromyalgia or cancer treatments it is important to find a way to manage the pain. What is the best way to accomplish this?

When looking for ways to manage your pain, the first step would be to set up a doctor’s appointment to the reason behind your pain and discuss the best options to manage the kind of pain you are feeling.

Canton pain management is available in many different ways, finding the correct combination of treatment for pain relief is possible.

Before seeking treatment for your pain it is crucial to understand how exactly pain is defined.

Judith Scheman, PhD who is also at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio the program director of the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program stated: “The International Association For the Study of Pain Rehabilitation Program stated that pain is not only an unpleasant sensory experience but also an emotional experience which is unpleasant.

This I believe is of extraordinary importance. If all we focus on is the sensory side of it, we do not give the suffering component associated with pain enough importance, this is important to realize that being as pain is not what happens at the periphery.”

Why Is Pained Experienced Differently From Person to Person?

There is no mistaking that pain is a real and physical thing. However pain is specific and measured individually due to the individual’s perception of pain, this is why people experience pain differently.

Scheman notes: “What is perceived by the brain as pain is undeniably modified due to emotions.” This means that those who fear pain, suffer from depression and or anxiety may have a complete different experience with pain, they may feel it more severely than someone who is is in pain but is not feeling those same emotions.

What Is Pain Management? The Treatment of the Body and the Mind.

Scheman explains the importance of treating “people as complete human beings” therefore pain must be approached physically as well as emotionally. Even though the use of chronic pain medication does have benefits and can be important for many people when managing pain, when it comes to pain treatment, it is not the only tool available, it should not be the only form of treating pain.

Medications For Pain

Sherman states: “There is a large variety of prescription pain medications, I believe however narcotics such as opioids as well as benzodiazepines are not my recommended options. These medications are accompanied by their own issues and not one study has shown benefits of prolonged use of opioids as a form if treating chronic pain.”
Here are some types of chronic pain medications which may be prescribed:
Tylenol (Acetaminophen)
Anti-seizure medications which have proven to be effective when treated pain due to injury or nerve damage
Non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) such as naproxen, ibuprofen and aspirin
Antidepressants which can alleviate pain and improve sleep
Steroids such as prednisone and dexamethasone which relieve pain and alleviate inflammation.

Canton Pain Therapy

Therapy is not only geared to treat the body but also the mind. Scheman states: “I attempt to view all of these therapies as not only being physical or solely psychological but more as a combination and balance of both.”
A very important part of any pain management program is physical therapy. Exercise which is not correctly performed can worsen pain, pain can also be misinterpreted; it may be just overuse.

A physical therapist is able to custom make the correct exercise routine for each individual. The right kind of exercise will help you slowly build up your tolerance while your pain is becoming reduced. You will not end up doing too much and throwing in the towel due to excessive pain.
Sherman states: “People are able to better understand where the pain is from as well as what can be done about it with cognitive.behavioral therapy.” Sherman added: This form of therapy is all about understanding the role that pain plays in you life and what that personally means to you.”

Other Options For Treating Pain In Canton, GA

There are few other modalities and approaches which can help an individual deal with the physical and emotional aspects of pain:
Visual imagery which entails creating a mental image of something which brings you peace.
Cold and Heat Therapies
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy
Relaxation Techniques
Biofeedback which helps teach control over muscle tension, heart rate, temperature and much more.
Massage and Manipulation

In Conclusion

If pain has become an issue in your life it is important that you Contact Us Today, as Scheman stated “Life without pain is not a guarantee.” When chronic pain begins to prevent you from properly functioning in society then it has turned into a problem that needs immediate assistance.

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