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The Paleo Diet – Healthy Eating Since The Stone Age

Paleo Diet Works Best With HCG Programs

Today there are perhaps more diet programs and weight loss options then there ever have been. Yet one of the healthiest and one I highly recommend is the Paleo Diet.

Paleo Philosophy

The central philosophy behind the Paleo Diet is eliminating all foods that are processed, treated with artificial colorings and flavors and preserved with unhealthy chemicals. It is really an easy diet to follow and a guaranteed way to optimize bodily nutrition.

As its name implies, the Paleo diet is essentially eating the same stuff our ancestors did before the advent of advanced agriculture techniques. Modern foods have been technically tampered with way before the packaging and preserving process begins.

This has the benefits of reducing the inflammation caused by harsh additives, strengthens our skeletal structure, and lowers many of the chronic pains caused as a reaction to artificial foods.

The most important Stipulations of the Paleo Diet are:

  1. No rice, oats, cereal or other types of grains
  2. No cheese, yogurt, milk or any other dairy products
  3. No refined or processed sugars
  4. Small quantities of Nuts
  5. No artificial preservatives
  6. No unnatural sweeteners

This may sound like a somewhat daunting diet, however once you consider the many options of foods you can eat, you will realize this is not the diet of the damned and you will always feel satisfied and energetic; even more so.

List of PALEO FRIENDLY foods:

  1. All meat, ideally free range, grass fed animals (much healthier than their feedlot relatives)
  2. Seafood in all its array of tastes and colors (Wild Fish are the best)
  3. Green Leafy Vegetables and any other Veggies
  4. Eggs
  5. Fruit
  6. Good healthy fats like avocados, olive and coconut oil

If you want to know more about how this time-tested diet can do for your personal health and fitness, we strongly recommend that you find the book by LOREN CORDAIN, PH.D, titled “The Paleo Diet”.

The Paleo Diet is filled with interesting and helpful information on the benefits of eating natural and ways to introduce this diet to your life.

In addition to practicing the Paleo diet, we would like to invite you to try one of our many weight-loss programs which can help jump-start your way into better health and fitness. Contact Us today.

Have a wonderful and healthy week!

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