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Do you Suffer From…

Knee Pain,
▸ Neuropathy,
▸ ACL/MCL Tears,
▸ Joint Pain,
▸ Tennis Elbow,
▸ Tendonitis,

▸ Osteoarthritis of Knee,
▸ Plantar Fasciitis,
▸ Ligament Strains,
▸ Low Back Pain,
▸ Bursitis,
▸ Shoulder Pain,

▸ Neck Pain,
▸ Degenerative Arthritis,
▸ Degenerative Cartilage and Ligaments,
▸ Degenerative Joint Disease,
▸ Or any other type of Arthritis, Joint Pain or Injury



Please attend this free seminar to learn how recent breakthroughs in medical science are helping thousands of joint pain sufferers return to a pain free life, without costly surgery or the harmful side effects of prescription drugs, through the use of regenerative stem cells to literally repair and regrow damaged tissues in the affected areas.

You’re Invited To Participate In A Free “Lunch & Learn” Educational Seminar On The Use Of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy To Treat All Forms Of Arthritis & Joint Pain Conditions

Come and enjoy a free lunch on us while you learn about the latest breakthroughs in stem cell therapy that are changing the lives of countless people all across the country, literally overnight.

Who:  Dr. Steven Peyroux, with Superior Healthcare, will present these exciting new medical breakthroughs that are allowing chronic joint pain sufferers to return to a pain free life in a matter of weeks.

What You’ll Get:  (Free Lunch Provided To All Guests) Discover how you can finally become pain free from your arthritis, degenerative joint disease, tendonitis, bursitis, and more without expensive and painful surgery or prescription drugs.

How To Participate:  Seating is limited to the first 20 callers. Please reserve your seat using one of the forms below.

Saturday, Oct. 8 at 11:00am

Polo Golf and Country Club
6300 Polo Club Dr, Cumming, GA 30040

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Developed in conjunction with the Stem Cell Institute of America, Superior Healthcare is now offering painless, FDA-approved ” Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Injections” for arthritic and/or degenerative conditions, especially those found in the knees, hips, shoulder, neck and lower back.

These remarkable treatments use regenerative stem cells to repair tissue in the body that has been damaged from age, disease or degeneration. They do this by pinpointing the impaired areas, removing the swelling with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and healing them by regenerating new cells and tissue.

This innovative therapy is particularly effective in treating such conditions as:


  • Knee Pain,
  • Neuropathy,
  • ACL/MCL Tears,
  • Joint Pain,
  • Tennis Elbow,
  • Tendonitis,
  • Osteoarthritis of Knee,
  • Plantar Fasciitis,
  • Ligament Strains,
  • Low Back Pain,
  • Bursitis,
  • Shoulder Pain,
  • Neck Pain,
  • Degenerative Arthritis,
  • Degenerative Cartilage and Ligaments,
  • Degenerative Joint Disease,
  • Or any other type of Arthritis, Joint Pain or Injury
Supartz Knee Therapy - Knee Pain Doctor

According to Superior Healthcare’s chief medical officer, patients can experience a significant decrease in pain and an improvement in range of motion within weeks of one treatment.

“Our patients say the results are magical,” said Dr. Steve Peyroux. “In time, it’s our hope that this truly amazing therapy will eliminate the need for drugs and surgery.”

Dr. Steve Peyroux is a national spokesperson for the Stem Cell Institute of America and is also the lead speaker for Superior Healthcare.

Superior Healthcare is one of the first clinics in the Atlanta area to offer this highly advanced form of therapy. Superior Healthcare devotes much of its time treating chronically ill patients – especially those in pain.

With 15 years of experience, serving North Georgia, Superior Healthcare continues to utilize cutting edge technology to help restore patients’ health. The Stem Cell Institute of America recently announced its latest state-of-the-art healing procedure: Regenerative Stem Cell Injection Therapy.