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The 7 Benefits Of Massage Therapy

How A Great Therapeutic Massage In Woodstock Can Change Your Life

If you receive the best therapeutic massage in Woodstock regularly, it helps relieving chronic muscular tension. Massage can reduce certain amount of tension in your muscle every time you receive it. If you are treated regularly, it prevents tension from building up again. It helps you to identify the patterns of tension you are holding and correct it. You can learn to relax and let go of tension you don’t realized you have.

Stretching together with therapeutic massage can assist you to regain and maintain correct alignment. When muscles are relaxed and lengthened to their optimal, you can sustain proper posture and alignment mush easier.

Massage can also generate the relaxation response. Therefore it relieves the negative effects of stress and repairs balance in the body. Relaxation response causes some positive effects in your body, such as:

  • deepening breath,
  • reducing heart rate,
  • relaxing muscles,
  • and improving internal circulation and digestion.

Adjustments & Massage

As a preparation for an adjustment, local massage is often performed. Massage helps relieving muscle tension and warming up the soft tissues in the area, and increase joints flexibility, as a result making adjusted easier. Lots of chiropractors or their assistants prepare the treating area with local massage.

A general area massage, which takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour, can also be ideal preparation for an adjustment. It helps you relax overall and not just the particular area you concern, and you will be more responsive to other direct treatment.

Some people find having massage after an adjustment helps them for further relaxation. Moreover, regular therapeutic massage may help chiropractic adjustments last longer.

Constriction of Nerves

Nerves run between, through and alongside of muscles. Tight muscles can cause pressure and squeeze on the nerves, resulting in constriction. The nerve constriction interferes with the nerve impulses from the brain to the rest of the body. This prevents the nerve impulses from flowing freely and often causes pain throughout the body. By relaxing the muscles with a therapeutic massage, you can alleviate the muscle tension and constriction of nerves.

Poor Circulation

Tight muscles may also responsible for the constriction of blood vessels, causing restriction of blood flow to the area affected, a condition known as ischemia. Ischemia triggers pain. A good massage helps increase circulation to the area and reduces ischemia, reducing the pain it causes.

Trigger Points

The specific spots in muscles and tendons causing pain are called “trigger points “. They may spread the pain to a broader area. Some people believe they are a spasm in a small area. Sudden trauma, such as falling or being hit, may cause trigger points. You may also get them from using a particular muscle repeatedly, or chronic muscular tension may develop trigger points over time. During a pain relieving massage, direct pressure is applied to the trigger point, which will usually alleviate the pain in that area.

Damaged Tissues

When you have accidents at work, home, on the road, or while playing, it can leave scars, bruises, and other damages in the soft tissues. Massage promotes circulation generally and locally, assisting to eliminate cellular debris from an injured area, and producing the nutrients required to heal the damaged tissues. Therefore, massage assists quick recovery.

Pain Spasm Pain Cycle

You can get caught in the phenomena called “pain-spasm-pain cycle”. This condition is generated either by spasm or pain in a muscle, which contracts itself by spasm, and perpetuates itself in an eternal loop. For instance, when you tense up from pain, it causes greater tension, then greater pain, then greater tension, then greater pain. It continues until something breaks the cycle. And massage can help breaking this cycle. You can use ice together with massage to help reduce the swelling and inflammation in the area, helping to reduce the muscle spasms.

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