Pain Management Services Offered by Superior Healthcare

Superior Healthcare Offers Long-Term Relief to Back Pain in GeorgiaDo you want to alleviate your pain and repair your spine, along with your body? Here at Superior Healthcare, we can do just that. What makes us different from other doctors is we use a combination of alternative and traditional therapies that target the reason for the pain as its source. We don’t offer just pain management–we offer solutions to, hopefully, keep you pain-free for good.

Going Straight to the Source of the Pain

At Superior Healthcare, our medical team puts their heads together to come up with a specific treatment plan using the techniques that they’ve learned based on their many specialties. We don’t just make sure that you’re pain-free, we also look to make your spine stronger as long as other parts of your body. By doing so, we go past pain management and ensure that you remain pain-free for many years of your life.

Natural Botanical Pain Medication

Have you been using traditional pain management medication? That could be wreaking havoc on your body–and you don’t even know. The good news is our team also has pain solutions using natural botanical compounds that offer the same level of treatment but is more gentle on your organs. The faster you are pain-free, the easier it will be for you to do active rehabilitation. These compounds are good at reducing the inflammation from your injury and to promote faster healing.

“This place saved me from excruciating sciatic pain. After getting 2 epidurals and them having almost no effect on me, I decided to go see a chiropractor. A friend had been to superior for her low back and they got great results. First off, the office is extremely friendly and Dr. Ken just took amazing care of me. After the first week, I felt 50% better. After 2 weeks, my leg pain was gone. They do a really great job here.”
– Martha, Woodstock, GA

Chiropractic Care

How Chiropractic Care from Superior Healthcare in Georgia Can Help YouMore than this, we also create a customized treatment plan that consists of specific adjustments (to be performed by our medical team) and at-home exercises that you can perform yourself. With the right chiropractic care combined with natural medication, you can be on your way to being pain-free as soon as possible.

Get in Touch

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