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Pregnancy Chiropractic

A Leader in Pregnancy Care

Superior Healthcare provides safe, gentle pregnancy physical medicine care to women in the Canton area. Our physical medicine techniques help women maintain a level of comfort and musculoskeletal health during pregnancy. Our treatments counterbalance the physical changes a woman experiences while pregnant:

  • Fatigued MusclesPregnancy Chiropractic
  • Pelvic changes
  • Postural adjustments
  • Protruding abdomen
  • Spinal curvature
  • Stressed joints

Our physical medicine specialists help pregnant women maintain spinal alignment, flexibility, balance and mobility. Our chiropractic care can also alleviate common pregnancy symptoms: nausea, fatigue, joint pain, bloating, and inflammation.

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You have the right to rescind within 72 hours, any obligation to pay for the services provided in addition to free or discounted services. Not valid for Medicare/Medicaid patients.